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8 Reasons Why You Should Not Get A Pitbull

At the point when my husband and four year old went to the animal shelter to adopt a dog, never ever did I think it would be a Pitbull. Truly, it didn’t even enter my thoughts. I mean … Pitbulls. Shiver.

I was one of those individuals — the ones who trusted the media buildup about Pitbulls despite the fact that I had never known anybody with a Pitbull, not to mention any individual who had been harmed by one. However, despite everything I accepted what I had been bolstered: These weren’t family dogs.

At the point when the animal shelter called to put forth a few inquiries, I was caught up with work.

“Is it accurate to say that you are OK with your spouse embracing an American Pitbull Terrier,” she said?

“In the event that this is the thing that they picked,” I said, not in any case giving the question a second thought. I had quite recently viewed the video my spouse sent me of a dark puppy in the play yard bouncing on my girl and giving her a million kisses while she did that insane young little girl snicker.

Fast forward a couple of years and now we have two Pitbulls. Be that as it may, in light of the fact that we embraced Pitbulls doesn’t mean you ought to. Here’s the reason why.

8 Reasons Why You Should Not Get A Pitbull

1. If you hate happy dogs

8 Reasons Why You Should Not Get A Pitbull
On the off chance that super happy, loving dogs aren’t your thing, then you shouldn’t get a Pitbull. Pitbulls love you. They need to be with you, close to you, and on you. What’s more, they need to love on you, for the most part with huge messy kisses. Thus, if listening to your children chuckle with puppy kissing joy is irritating, simply pass on this type of dog.