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Facial Reconstruction Due For Abused Pitbull

Even though this Pitbull only has half of her face, she still has a full heart.

Khalessi the two-year-old Pitbull blend was discovered abandoned on an Orlando, Florida yard. Her nose was missing along with her nostrils and sinus cavity making her long front teeth hang out like the tusks of a walrus.

That would have been sufficiently hard for any canine to manage, however Khalessi had it much more awful – her back legs likewise didn’t work.

Scroll down to see the video.

facial reconstruction due for abused pitbull

She additionally had numerous wounds in different phases of healing making her rescuer, Stephanie Paquin of Passion 4 Pits Rescue, trust that the little dark Pitbull had been seriously mishandled and abused.

She was additionally underweight and measured just 20 pounds, with her ribs standing out.

In spite of the greater part of that, Paquin says Khalessi is a sweetheart whose tail hasn’t quit wagging since she lifted her up.

‘Khalessi is sweet, loving and amazing. She loves people, all people. She just wants attention and love,’ she told The Huffington Post. ‘A person did this to her and she does not let it affect her outlook on people. This experience has changed her appearance but not her heart.’
facial reconstruction due for abused pitbull-up close

Paquin got a call from a animal kill shelter in Orlando inquiring as to whether she could help, and Paquin says she couldn’t simply leave Khalessi there so she and her spouse instantly went and recovered her.

‘You are sheltered now, little one,’ she composed on her group’s Facebook page.

Khalessi has tested negative for heartworms, on the other hand, she will require surgery to get her back legs working correctly again.

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