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Pitbull Puppies For Sale In Arizona

Pitbull Puppies For Sale In Arizona

This page contains a list of all the Pitbull Breeders in Arizona that have decided to list with us. To find Pitbull puppies for sale browse our list below.
To view our unofficial breeder list see our Pitbulls For Sale In Arizona page.

Cock Diesel Kennels

Pitbull Puppies For Sale In Arizona

Price Range: N/A

Phone: (602) 618-1968

Email: cockdieselbloodline@yahoo.com

Website: Cock Diesel Kennels

Facebook: Cock Diesel Kennels

We are proud to live in Arizona and be the most well known Arizona Bully Breeder in the state of Arizona. Our American Bullies consist of Cock Diesels Phantom, Cock Diesel Centurion, and Cock Diesel Sureno. Cock Diesel Bloodline consist of razors edge bloodline, miagi blood, gottiline. Cock Diesel Kennels is here to stay we are one of he finest kennels in the World. Most breeders do not have and professional kennel set up and will not have one because they are not willing to sacrifice, save money, and put money back into there dream of being a well known breeder.


Tombstone Pits

Pitbull Puppies For Sale In Arizona

Price Range: N/A

Phone: (602) 421-5890

Email: ggats123@aol.com

Website: Tombstone Pits

We are a small family owned and operated kennel in Phoenix AZ. Our dogs are the finest dogs we could find out of Ironman Pits,and Xtreme Bully Pits . We only produce a few select breedings
a year in our quest to produce the finest APBT. We specialize in Blue, and Blue Fawn. Our foundation first pick male from Ironmans Pits is a gorgeous 100lb Blue Fawn, Wyatt Earp.


Black and Blue Pits

Pitbull Puppies For Sale In Arizona

Price Range: $1000-$2000

Phone: (231) 866-0057

Website: Black and Blue Pits

Facebook: Black and Blue Pits

WE take pride in presenting our beautiful, muscular, extraordinary BLUE pitbulls! Our Male and Females are UKC registered PURPLE RIBBON Champion Bloodlines. Razors Edge and Gotti Line Bred. These animals are extremely large and strong but are loving, caring and loyal. Blue Pitbulls make an excellent addition to any family. They are extremely gentle with children yet protective. Our amazing Blue Bullies are XL extreme without the use of steroids or cross breeding bully breeds.


Trevino’s Pitbulls

Pitbull Puppies For Sale In Arizona

Price Range: $1000+

Phone: (479) 459-3328

Email: trevinospitbulls@yahoo.com

Website: Trevinos Pitbulls

Trevino’s Pitbulls is a family owned & operated kennel of both Blue & Rednose Pitbulls who specializes in ADBA Champion Pitbulls with 15 yrs. of breeding experience. We offer APBT for sale in Arkansas however we ship our pitbull pups to the entire continental U.S. We do International shipping too. Each of our pitbull puppies are sold with ADBA Registration paperwork, Vaccination record, Sales Contract & a Health Certificate.


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