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Pitbull Puppies For Sale In Colorado

Pitbull Puppies For Sale In Colorado

This page contains a list of all the Pitbull Breeders in Colorado that have decided to list with us. To find Pitbull puppies for sale browse our list below.
To view our unofficial breeder list see our Pitbulls For Sale In Colorado page.

Barron Blue Kennel

Pitbull Puppies For Sale In Colorado

Price Range: N/A

Phone: (702) 245-7150

Email: ana.k.piza@gmail.com

Website: Barron Blue Kennel

Facebook: Barron Blue Kennel

B.B.K- Barron Blue Kennels is a kennel I Michael E. Barron and my wife have created to ensure the preservation of the American Pitbull Terrier. Our dogs are ADBA registered and provide a 50% Razors Edge and 50% Gottie blood line. All of our dogs are bread to retain a docile/obedient temperament.


Passion Blue Pits

Pitbull Puppies For Sale In Colorado

Price Range:N/A

Phone: (719) 924-2696

Email: heffgoforth@hotmail.com

Website: Passion Blue Pits

We are a small kennel in Colorado and have an extreme love for Pitbulls. We strive to provide you with excellent pets and great companions. Health and temperament are one of our main goals. We have children so all of our dogs, puppies are socialized well. We take pride in the care that we give our puppies and dogs, home raised hand delivered. Our facility is on 40 acres and was originally built as a dog boarding kennel so it is heated/cooled with indoor/outdoor runs and also with spacious play yards for all dogs and puppies. We make sure all of our animals get the best out of life!


Cherry Pit Kennels

Pitbull Puppies For Sale In Colorado

Price Range: $1150-$4500

Phone: (719) 371-7236

Email: CherryPitKennels@gmail.com

Website: Cherry Pit Kennels

Facebook: Cherry Pit Kennels

Welcome to Cherry Pit Kennels! We’re very proud to bring you top of the line XL pitbulls. Cherry Pit Kennels is located in the heart of the Rockies in Colorado. We’ve done quality research in finding premium pitbull bloodlines from the top kennels and breeders in America. That is the science behind why we are able to bring you a “Cherry” Pitbull.


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