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Pitbull Puppies For Sale In Georgia

Pitbull Puppies For Sale In Georgia

This page contains a list of all the Pitbull Breeders in Alabama that have decided to list with us. To find Pitbull puppies for sale browse our list below.
To view our unofficial breeder list see our Pitbulls For Sale In Georgia page.

Top Dog Bullies

Pitbull Puppies For Sale In Georgia

Price Range: N/A

Phone: (678) 333-8193

Email: topdogbullies@yahoo.com

Website: Top Dog Bullies

Facebook: Top Dog Bullies

We are a small select blue/fawn xl Pitbull/american bully kennel located in North Georgia been in business for 9 years and we are licensed and inspected by the Georgia Department of Agriculture. We have been breeding dogs for over 20 years and this breed of dog we have had for over 9 years of experience with. Top Dog Bullies takes pride in our xl pitbulls and are xl pitbull kennel here at topdogs kennels with a state of the art dog barn that is equipped with indoor and outdoor living quarters, all our pitbull kennels are heated for the cold winters and cooled for those hot Georgia summer days.


Kick Azz Blue Pits Kennel

Pitbull Puppies For Sale In Georgia

Price Range: N/A

Phone: (770) 899-7226

Email: minpin262@yahoo.com

Website: Kick Azz Blue Pits Kennel

Facebook: Kick Azz Blue Pit Kennel

We offer all varieties and many of the finest show quality pups on the east coast. Our muscular, show-stopping Champion & Grand Champion sires and proud, affectionate mothers breed the highest quality Georgia Bullies. We have been raising, showing and breeding American Bullies/Pit bulls/French Bulldogs/English Bulldogs for over twenty years and continue to enjoy the loving, loyal and highly intelligent demeanor of this breed. We give each of our puppies the proper handling and care they need to become lifelong companions.


Hard Rock Bullys

Pitbull Puppies For Sale In Georgia

Price Range: $800-$2200

Phone: (770) 633-0294

Email: Don@hardrockbullys.com

Website: Hard Rock Bullys

Facebook: Hard Rock Bullys

Here at HardRock Bullys American Pit Bull Dog Kennel all of my Ultimate Blues Nose Pitbulls Puppies For Sale are registerd as American Pit Bull Terriers with UKC – United Kennel Club. They are Purple Ribbon status and are recognized as American Bullys by top bloodlines and structure.


Pitfall Kennels

Pitbull Puppies For Sale In Georgia

Price Range: $1200

Phone: (404) 391-6500

Website: Pitfall Kennels

Facebook: Pitfall Kennels

Our state of the art kennel is Located in south Atlanta, Ga and sits on 25acres of nothing but greatness. We offer some of the best strands of Razors Edge bloodlines such as Roc and Ruby, Kurupt , Savage , HeartBreaker and a lot more. We also out cross these Razors Edge lines with some Gotti lines such as Mikelands and Monster G lines. Our dogs have heavy bone mass nice head pieces and great body structures. Our females are strategically paired with the right male to make sure that the blood is lined up just right to produce a all around outstanding pup that will take the best traits of both parents.


ATL King Pits

Pitbull Puppies For Sale In Georgia

Price Range: $3000

Phone: (770) 490-5716

Email: baileyuga4@gmail.com

Website: ATL King Pits

Facebook: ATL King Pits

ATL KING PITS is a blue pitbull breeder and kennel who specializes in champion blue nose pitbulls and XXL blue pit bulls. We offer blue nose pit bull litters of blue pitbull puppies in the Atlanta area however we also ship many of our blue pit bull puppies to the entire continental U.S. as well as Canada. Each of our blue pit bull puppies are sold with a health certificate since we guarantee that any pitbull puppy sold will be free from any illness or defect.


Hardcore Steel Pitbulls

Pitbull Puppies For Sale In Georgia

Price Range: N/A

Phone: (706) 871-5663

Website: Hardcore Steel Pitbulls

Facebook: Hardcore Steel Pitbulls

We breed and sell the very best XXL pitbulls and XL also known as XL bullies. We are a elite pit bull kennel located in southeastern Georgia. We are near cities such as Atlanta, Augusta, Valdosta, Macon, Statesboro, Savannah, Columbus, Albany, Brunswick, Hinesville and Athens. Our pit bull kennel and dogs are known as some of the best in GA but we’re starting to sweep the world also. We pride ourselves in bringing you the true definition of XXL pitbulls.


Ultimate Blues

Pitbull Puppies For Sale In Georgia

Price Range: $1000-$3000

Phone: (423) 637-0386

Email: Ultimateblues2@gmail.com

Website: Ultimate Blues

Facebook: Ultimate Blues

All of our dogs are registered with UKC, ABKC, BBCR, & USBR. For over twenty years we’ve been breeding top quality dogs! We currently have two locations, one in Macon Ga, other in North Georgia Mountains. There are many other kennels that started breeding with our dogs as their foundation stock!


Bryant’s Red Devils

Pitbull Puppies For Sale In Georgia

Price Range: N/A

Email: mikeandjenny@bryantsreddevils.com

Website: Bryants Red Devils

Facebook: Bryants Red Devils

Our Red Nose Pit Bulls are Dual Registered with both the UKC and the ADBA, with Purple Ribbon, Champion, and Grand Champion Old Family Red Nose (OFRN) pit bull bloodlines in their backgrounds. We have a few litters of red nose pit bull puppies for sale each year, and we offer pit bull stud services to approved females. We are located in Adairsville, Georgia which is 1 hour south of Chattanooga, TN and about 1 hour North of Atlanta, GA.


Atlanta’s Finest Pitbulls

Pitbull Puppies For Sale In Georgia

Price Range: N/A

Phone: (404) 805-3718

Email: demond.walker@gmail.com

Website: Atlantas Finest Pitbulls

Facebook: Atlantas Finest Pitbulls

We have been breeding for over 18 years and we are located in Atlanta, Georgia. Here at Atlanta’s Finest Pitbulls we breed XL bully style Blue American Pitbulls for excellent bully structures. Our pitbulls are well socialized and are good with other dogs and people, especially children! We breed bully blue pitbulls for the total package.


Gin & Juice Pits

Pitbull Puppies For Sale In Georgia

Price Range: N/A

Phone: (770) 519-5389

Email: ginandjuicepits@gmail.com

Website: Gin & Juice Pits

Facebook: Gin & Juice Pits

We consider blue pitbulls as a true part of our family. The American Blue Pitbulls Terrier is the absolute most loving and loyal breed, which truly makes them the best family dogs among the xxl pitbulls. We are strong believers that Gin & Juice’s xxl pitbulls deserve to have a loving home and should be part of a family. To ensure that this is the environment in which blue pitbulls and xxl pitbulls live, we have set up a foster program for Gin and Juice’s blue pitbulls.


Southern Pride Pitbulls

Pitbull Puppies For Sale In Georgia

Price Range: N/A

Phone: (912) 293-5371

Email: southernpridetommy@gmail.com

Website: Southern Pride Pitbulls

Facebook: Southern Pride Pitbulls

We have produced an American Bullies with large blocky heads, short and stocky bodies, compact with muscle tone.Our extreme pockets Micro or Mini Bullies has Blue extreme pocket puppies from top pit bull bloodlines such as Razors Edge and Gotti line, king pen Daxline, Miagi. As a American Bully Pitbull breeders, we specialize in American Mini Bullies, Micro Bullies and Exotic Bullies. Pocket bullies, Standard bully blue pitbull or Blue nose pitbulls for sale as well as Blue fawn, tricolor pitbulls for sale.


Mo Betta Blue Pits

Pitbull Puppies For Sale In Georgia

Price Range: N/A

Phone: (678) 988-7208

Email: djrazorpits@bellsouth.net

Website: Mo Betta Blue Pits

Mo Betta Blue Pits is a small kennel located in Marietta, GA. MBBP’s breeding program primarily consists of the Razors Edge Bloodline. Our dogs are raised in a loving environment, and are socialized on a daily basis. We strive to provide the total “Bully Package” in our Razors Edge pups, including: excellent temperament, confirmation, and an unmatched sense of loyalty.


Georgia Pit Stop Kennels

Pitbull Puppies For Sale In Georgia

Price Range: N/A

Phone: (706) 781-9219

Website: Georgia Pit Stop Kennels

Facebook: Georgia Pit Stop Kennels

We are a small kennel located about 20 minutes north of Atlanta, Georgia. We specialize in full blooded, show quality American Pit Bull Terriers registered with the United Kennel Club. Our kennel has been formed from years of love and dedication for this great breed that has unjustly received the short end of the tug rope from the media.


Kash Kennels

Pitbull Puppies For Sale In Georgia

Price Range: $3000-$10000

Email: kashkennels@yahoo.com

Website: Kash Kennels

Facebook: Kash Kennels

Kash Kennels was established in 2011. We are located in Cochran, Georgia. 2 hours south of Atlanta, Georgia. We breed All types of American Bullies. Inlcuding, Exotic Bullies, Micro Bullies, Pocket Bullies. We specialize in the tri-colored bullies, such as, champagne tri, purple tri, red tri, chocolate tri, black tri, & blue tri.


Harris Pride Kennels

Pitbull Puppies For Sale In Georgia

Price Range: $800

Phone: (678) 852-7968

Email: harrispridekennels@gmail.com

Website: Harris Pride Kennels

Facebook: Harris Pride Kennels

We are professional breeders of Blue American pitt bull terriers. Breeding only for conformation and temperment, resulting in a healthy well balanced family pet or show dog.We breed for the thick wide big bone body massive block heads bully style. we stand behind our dogs and beleive in the breed.


Ultimate Edge Bullies

Pitbull Puppies For Sale In Georgia

Price Range: $800-$1500

Phone: (912) 309-7985

Email: ultimateedgebullies@yahoo.com

Website: Ultimate Edge Bullies

Welcome to Ultimate Edge Bullies! Home to ABKC Champion Chopper and ABKC Champion Bia. We are a small kennel located in Nicholls, Georgia (Ga.) and we specialize in the American Bully Pitbull Terrier. We breed our Bullies to produce heavy bone structure, muscle mass, and intelligence. We are not a puppy factory and we don’t just breed to be breeding.


Crump’s Bullies

Pitbull Puppies For Sale In Georgia

Price Range: N/A

Phone: (770) 510-9175

Email: crumpsbullies@gmail.com

Website: Crumps Bullies

Facebook: Crumps Bullies

We are breeding, showing, and weight pulling some of the finest bully style pits in the game. We are located in the great city of Atlanta. We enjoy showing and breeding dogs that are great for the Family. We specialize in Bullies with Great Structure, Temperament, and Great All-A-Round DOG. Looking for Short, Thick, Great Head Piece, Great Rears, Great Chest, and A SHOW STOPPER. Don’t Look ANYMORE!!


Euphoria Kennels

Pitbull Puppies For Sale In Georgia

Price Range: N/A

Phone: (404) 969-9573

Website: Euphoria Kennels

Facebook: Euphoria Kennels

Euphoria Kennels was founded in 2002 by an avid dog lover. All dogs bred by Euphoria are bred for size, temperament and companionship. We DO NOT raise or sell dogs for any illegal or immoral acts. We specialize in UKC and Remyline Certified registered American Bullies that carry the rare blue coat. But at times we also have fawns, reds, blacks and brindle colors.